Zigbee smart plug - how to create TODAY POWER (and yesterday) entity?

Hello everyone,

I’m quite new to the Zigbee world, but in these days I could make some interesting experiences with smart plugs, temperature sensors and presence detectors.
My plugs show me the following sensors available:
2023-03-07 14_54_42-Settings – Home Assistant
As I used Wifi plugs before I’m used to see the DAILY POWER CONSUMPTION (and yesterday’s also) as well, which I find is a very useful value when you want to monitor your energy.
Anyone could help me please how to create theses entities for my Zigbee plugs?

Thank you very much!

One way to get this would be by using the “Monitor individual devices” option on Home Assistant Energy Management:

Understanding Home Energy Management

Integrating individual device energy usage

This gives you exactly what you want: daily energy usage of individual devices with history per day (or week or month or year).

Hi Ed,

thanks for your reply, tried the Riemann integration now and works fine - when I use to UI to create the helper.
When I try to create it in configuration.yaml no new sensor is created, cannot find out how :roll_eyes:

  - platform: integration
    source: sensor.zigbee_steckdose_01_active_power
    name: zigbee_steckdose_01_stromverbrauch
    unit_prefix: k
    round: 2

This is the sensor created with the UI (found it in config/.storage/core.config_entries):
2023-03-07 16_59_43-Terminal – Home Assistant

I had no experience with the Integration platform up to now, but as a test I added a similar sensor:

  - platform: integration
    source: sensor.sh10_power
    name: energy_spent_test
    unit_prefix: k
    round: 2

And it is working OK for me:

However, I had to restart HA before the sensor was added.

From Helper add a utility
Select ur sensor with the sum
(alternatively u can create a helper reiman from the current power “Watt” and use that as a sensor for the utility helper)
In the utility helper select daily circle.

Ur done now u have a sensor that gives u the sum of energy consumed form that plug , it resets daily and has an attribute for yesterday.

You can do that fro other circles or select a no corcle and reset it ur self (no previous circle attribute in this case)