Zigbee Smart Plugs with Repeaters

I recently installed some Sengled BR30 Zigbee Smart Bulbs, however they don’t act as repeaters and therefore not all of the lights are working. So an option I have is to install multiple Zigbee Smart Plugs with repeaters. Can someone recommend a Zigbee enabled smart plug that can act as a repeater?
Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.

Centralite ones works.
But it is not the cheapest option available.

I found these on Amazon.ca. I think they might work. i believe they act as a repeater as well.

More advanced discussion about zigbee range extending:

Sengled is my preferred zigbee plug (I’m in the US). Amazon list price is a little high, but they routinely have coupons or sales that get pretty close to sonoff prices.

I tried a Sonoff S40 and it caused some network stability issues, but to be fair I think ther have been firmware updates since then that I haven’t tested.

The sengled includes power monitoring.

If strictly being used as a router, nothing beats a Sonoff ZBDongle-P flashed with router firmware.