ZigBee smoke detectors dropping off network

I have three ZigBee smoke doctors that become unavailable after 4 to 8 hours. I have replaced the batteries. Moved the dongle, add two 110 bolt plugs and still the same. When they drop off you can push the button on the out side and they rejoin the net work. I’m out of things to try.

When asking about specific hardware it may help you get better answers if you include the manufacturer name, model name or number, and the name of the integration it uses.

What are the exact brand and model of the detectors are you using and how well is your mesh network setup for signal strength for where they are installed?

Zigbee is a mesh network and where your dongle is usually does not matter. It is more a matter of the number of routing devices you have.

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Don’t see a mfg. purchased on AliExpress.

Looks to be one of these:

Looks just like the second one.