Zigbee stick can't see devices :-(

a few days ago the entities of my zigbee devices suddenly went unavailable for no apparent reason. first i thought my zigbee stick (a conbee 2) had crapped out on me (wouldn’t have been the first time), so i bought a new one. but the thing is, i have exactly the same problem with the new one, so now i’m not sure what is going on. i played around with it, trying but failing to get it to work. this morning i tried re-installing home assistant from scratch, and guess what? home assistant can talk to the stick, but the stick still can’t see any devices. i click on “add device” and put a device into pairing mode, and… nothing happens. so what is going on here? what can i do?

Have you tried powering off a device (removing the battery if it’s an end device) and powering it on again? After being powered off and on, they sometimes reappear without needing to be re-paired.

This is usually a device issue. What are they?

i tried it with my smart plugs and with temp and humidity sensors. but i havent tried the battery trick. not yet…

Did you use an USB extension cord to get the stick away from USB3 interference?

Also take a look at other trouble shooting tips:

Good question. It’s a bit odd that all went at once. I had a couple of problem switches that did this once a week, but never the whole network.

That would suggest a neighbor bought a fancy new wifi router and started transmitting on an interfering channel (or one just auto switched). I’d start looking at the wifi interference tips form the second post I edited in above.


i tried a USB extension cable, and now it works again. so the question is, why was there suddenly so much interference that zigbee didn’t work? i guess i’ll never know…

I’d bet it’s what Edwin just described. Same thing happened to me.

Neighbor bought new wifi gear. Set it up blazing on channel 1.

My gear sees it and adjusts to channel 11 (right on top of my zigbee network)

Dead. Nothing works.

Reverse the channel change. And boom all up. Check your wifi channels nearby.

The extension cord gets rid of interference from your host. It could have cleared enough headroom. But you may still have more issues.

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