Zigbee stopped working

The only thing I can think of is that I applied an update to Home Assistant and then it stopped working.

I’m not seeing any errors or notifications. HA seems happy. None of my Zigbee devices work, however.

I’m using the Nortek combo (Z-Wave + Zigbee) USB stick in my HA Blue (Raspberry Pi based).

Now that I think of it… I upgraded the HA software last night and rebooted and it was working last night and up until this morning when I had to shutdown HA and power it down. When it came up again my Zigbee devices weren’t working.

Playing around with this:

I can remove and then re-add a device. They seem to be talking to each other. Looking at this device and others the Last Seen ts appears to be updating. It’s like the automations just don’t want to kick off.

It looks like disabling and re-enabling an automation was enough to get Automations (only for Zigbee - working fine for Z-Wave) kicked off. Now everything is working again.