Zigbee stops responding - docker service restart fixes it

I run HASS on my Synology as a docker container and use a Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 USB DONGLE PLUS (zStack3x0) with Zigbee2MQTT

Every once in a while if I restart the NAS, HASS no longer sees the Zigbee devices.
They all show fine and I can control them in the Zigbee2MQTT UI but in HASS they show as grey items.

Restarting the HASS container doesn’t fix it but if I restart the entire Docker service, it restores Zigbee in HASS.

any ideas?


What does your Zigbee2MQTT log say

And just to make sure abbreviations are not misunderstood.

Your HASS ==Home assistant container?

Where did you obtain the Z2M container and is it up to date? What are you using for your MQTT broker?

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