Zigbee Stuck on uploading file

I installed a zwave/zigbee usb in my HA green. Zwave installed fine with no issues. Attempting configuration on Zigbee, it only offers to upload a file. Not even sure what that means. Uploaded screen shot.

Any help on this issue is appreciated.


What exact Zigbee Coordinator adapter model? Sounds like it is a previously used Zigbee adapter that already has a existing Zigbee network configured on it since before. Suggest that you reset it to remove any previous Zigbee network, and also consider flash a later firmware before start to use it if it has an older firmware. If you are not trying to migrate from a other installation or platform then you should use a Zigbee Coordinator adapter that does not already have a formed Zigbee network.

You should be able to reset it with either TubesZB Zigpy-CLI Tools add-on or use zigpy-cli directly, see:

Here is the info on the usb stick - GoControl CECOMINOD016164 HUSBZB-1 USB Hub - Purchased from Amazon, so I had not installed in previously.
I am a real noob to HA, but I have a little knowledge of coding. User of PC since 1980. All of this however is new to me.
I will attempt the CLI Tools.
Thanks for the info!

I assume that someone else probably used it before you to set up a Zigbee network, so it is not a new new devicice unless you set up the Zigbee network on it and canceled the process or something. If you are really interested about what is on it when you can do a Zigbee network backup to file with that zigpy-cli tools before you reset it. No matter how it happened it will first need to be reset (with the Zigbee network on it removed) before you can start using it.

Anyway, that is based on an old chip and no longer recommend, (so you can never get latest firmware as that chip is end-of-life since a few years back), though it should still work and you can always migrate later if you manage to update the firmware and reset/remove the Zigbee network, though updating firmware on it is not super easy on such older chips, but you can find a script for that specific adapter → GitHub - walthowd/husbzb-firmware: Nortek GoControl HUSBZB-1 / EM3581 Firmware update image

Might be easier to just buy a new more modern adapter and that will not only work better but also be easier to keep firmware up to date on. I recommend that you buy the ”Sonoff ZBDongle-P” model, see → Zigbee buyer's guide

By the way, the Z-Wave radio chip inside that adapter is also a few generations old, however not as old as the Zigbee radio chip in it. Not sure why why some people still recommend that old combo adapter when it is clearly better and easier in every way to have dedicated adapter for each IoT radio protocol. For Z-Wave I suggest you consider buying Zooz 800 Series Z-Wave USB Stick based on ZST39 (which is available preflashed with different firmware for various world RF regions however the hardware is the same for all).

Regardless of Zigbee Coordinator adapter, be sure to also read and follow this → https://community.home-assistant.io/t/zigbee-networks-how-to-guide-for-avoiding-interference-and-optimize-for-getting-better-range-coverage/515752 (Z-Wave range is better and is way less sensitive to interference if compare to Zigbee).