Zigbee-supported gateway/hub with underlying Linux OS

For my automation system, I’ve installed home assistant on a raspberry pi. In addition, I use CC2531 USB sniffer or Xiaomi Aqara gateway with their corresponding add on to get data from my sensors. This is one approach.

However, I’m looking for a better approach. I’m looking for a gateway/hub that supports zigbee and has a linux-based operating system on it. Therefore, I can install home assistant on this device. This way, I have only one hardware device that does everything for me. (I can run commands on it, install software, etc.)
This approach would be a huge financial benefit for my company.

Is there such a thing?

Another approach that can do the trick for me is this: (This approach is a little bit different)
Is there a zigbee-supported gateway/hub that supports MQTT protocol? So that I can configure it in such a way that it sends data to my remote MQTT broker.

You can look at deconz or zigbee2mqtt

I don’t want to use any USB dongle. I want a gateway/hub that supports zigbee AND has a linux OS on it.