Zigbee switch automation stopped to work

for example I have a script (from the GUI) like that:

description: “”

  • platform: device
    domain: mqtt
    device_id: 6ac2c63a8a95fb8a7dc47e206291a131
    type: action
    subtype: 1_single
    discovery_id: 0x70ac08fffe3f5763 action_1_single
    condition: []
  • type: toggle
    device_id: 743262f3ae0abb8ef854e1da316a50dc
    entity_id: light.t_esseng_1
    domain: light
    mode: single

When I start the script from HA it works. (And it used to work with the switch).
The switch is still running:

debug 2023-06-03 08:00:57Received Zigbee message from ‘Taster_Kueche’, type ‘raw’, cluster ‘genOnOff’, data ‘{“data”:[1,60,253,0],“type”:“Buffer”}’ from endpoint 1 with groupID 0
info 2023-06-03 08:00:57MQTT publish: topic ‘zigbee2mqtt/Taster_Kueche’, payload ‘{“action”:“single”,“battery”:100,“last_seen”:“2023-06-03T08:01:07+02:00”,“linkquality”:69,“voltage”:3000}’
The device_id is correct. Is it possible to try the entity id instead??
I would be really gratefull for any help. Thanks

I found the change. No idea how this could happen:
The action code is now: action_single instead of action_1_single
Now it works aggain…

Where comes the change of the action name from? Update of HA or MQTT??


… Unfortunately this solution does not work… (every single button of the 4 gang switch is now recognized for the automation :frowning:

I guess the device has to be configured manually in the confi.yaml?

In the debug log I can see the button as endpoint:
Received Zigbee message from 'Taster_4', type 'raw', cluster 'genOnOff', data '{"data":[1,13,253,0],"type":"Buffer"}' [u]from endpoint 3[/u] with groupID 0 : this is button 3.

I would be really happy if someone could tell me how I can use automation on that (i have 16 of those switches :frowning: )