Zigbee Switch says unsupported but others work

Hello, I’m new to HA. I just wanted to use my zigbee switch to control other devices. Unfortunately I can’t use the switch on HA, it appears as unsupported and I can’t create automations. However, I use other devices like light motion sensor, door sensor and they work fine. I use those generic devices and ZigBee hub from aliexpress. They are cheap but work fine, except in HA. I havent done anything in HA wet, just organize the dash board, but no dowloads, hacks or integrations. I saw some people recommending the Sonoff USB Dongle and was wondering if I need it too even tho I have the hub. Ps: English in not firts language.

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You need to contact these contributors for help with those, depending on your coordinator software.


if you use the Tuya Zigbee hub, and it is not supported, you have 2 options:

  • try local tuya or tuya local (both in hacs)
  • buy a Zigbee dongle and use either Zigbee2MQTT or ZHA.

It’s not just a matter of support from the contributors for the support, the manufacturer needs to update the firmware of the device in question to allow it to be supported via the tuya integration.

I have this issue with the tuya wifi based deadlatch I am still waiting for an update from the manufacture that I also forwarded to ozsmartthings about since they made contact asking the supplier about the issue as well saying they have no current ETA on said update.

If you have a tuya hub and you are waiting, good luck
It sounded like they are using something else based on the way I understand OP question. In that case Z2M has a robust community and things get quirks usually very quickly. I’ve been waiting over a year for a quirk problem on ZHA that is being ignored, and would love to be able to fix that myself.

Tuya wifi devices are linked via the Smart Life and/or Tuya Apps via the user code so its pulling them down into HA through them.

I’ve migrated all my smart plugs to ZHA which so far has been working as it should for me at the time of this reply (knocks on wood).

I still have the lenovo tuya wifi based ones that do work in HA through the integration but I am prob going to save those for non primary devices I want quick access to for the power toggles since its only an on/off state and nothing else with them.

I am not holding my breath for the deadlatch to be fixed support wise, only got it to have a look at it since there are limited options in that type here in Australia (was expecting to waste the money on it for the sake of testing it).