Zigbee switch that will work with a 220V momentary push button

I have the following switch:
From what I can see when the switch is pressed it bridges the 2 live wires triggering corridor lights that are on a timer.
Would it be safe to use say a Sonoff Zigbee mini to bridge the 2 lives to simulate the momentary bridging of the 2 live wires?
If not any alternatives (Zigbee preferred)
Sorry for the non English picture, the red dotted line is for a small red light in the switch.

A bit ‘hill billy tech’, however if you want to isolate from the mains wires, you might explore things like garbage disposal isolated switches (and other similar switching devices where you don’t want to ‘curl your hair’) Link to a general concept device below. You would tap into the switch device button contacts with some type of i/o pin contact on a esp or zigbee MCU.

Good hunting!


this might be a better example:

Thanks for the response.
I checked again and what the switch is doing is essentially shorting the live and neutral wires together momentarily.

I had a look at those devices you linked but from what I can see they are just a relay with a rf toggle button.