Zigbee thermostat - Centralite Pearl Thermostat

Has anyone tried This Zigbee thermostat. There old threads (2019) on some models of the same brand but I couldn’t find this one.
All I need is to read the current temperature and set the temperature and whether it is heating or cooling and control fan on/off.

I am using GoControl CECOMINOD016164 HUSBZB-1 USB Hub

Looks pretty good, I might be interested at some point, too! I’d also like to hear first-hand experience.

There are two reviews for it on Amazon (5-star, and detailed) from HA users, admittedly one is pretty old. But one is from February of this year. There could be more, I didn’t go farther than the first page.

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If you’re still wondering, it works just fine.

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I’ve had it for a year and it was working OK using zha, until the last update a few days. I am trying to figure out what went wrong. I get the info from the thermostat only at startup but I cannot communicate with it any more.

I have this same thermostat. But mine shows up slightly different.

My temp shows up as a range. Did you have to do something to get rid of the range?


I don’t think I changed anything, I just added it and that’s how it was.

What is yours controlling? Perhaps it presents different options to ZHA depending what kind of system it’s connected to. Mine is controlling an electric heater in my garage.

Mine is my full hvac (heat/ac) so it could be that or the fact i am using zigbee2mqtt. hmm. oh well. not really causing any issues.

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Anyone have experience getting the display to show the temperature when it times out? I’m finding it goes completely dark no matter what I set the “standby” intensity to.

Is complete darkness the only option?

Is there a way to control the display (i.e. turn it off at night)? I just installed in my bedroom and it’s way too bright. I understand if under battery power it times out, so if that’s the only option, I may need to disconnect the c-wire I just connected to my furnace yesterday lol.

Haha, so you have the opposite problem.

I was able to adjust the standby display brightness, but I couldn’t keep it from staying ON to any degree. Is that because I don’t have a C-wire? That would make some amount of sense, but I don’t see such behavior documented anywhere.

I feel like I read somewhere that if running on batteries the display activates when touched, but with c-wire it stays on all the time, as mine does. I also read that it chews up batteries, but I’m not gonna be able to sleep with that thing on! That being said, I’ve yet to get mine paried with my zigbee bridge, but I have a new one coming and am planning to implement zigbee2mqtt, so I’m not too worried about that yet.

How are you accessing “standby intensity”?

Does anyone have any info on how to get this up and running on zha? It was discovered, but I can’t make heads or tails out of any of the sensor or data.

To get to “Standby Display Brightness” go to menu item “20” in the programming mode.
NB: I was able to see the brightness change (all the way down to zero) while adjusting that mode, just not when it actually went into standby.

I guess it would make sense that the display only stays on with a c-wire… it’s just too useful to have that info at a distance!

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I was struggling because it wasn’t in “off” mode…dope. Got the brightness down to 1, which I’ll try out. If not, I’ll move it to zero. Mine goes into standby mode very quickly and back to bright when touched.

I’m a little unclear on the best way to program the schedule. I don’t really see any ability to program it internally.

Does this device act as an extender/booster?

Your network map may tell you. It is battery powered, so probably not.

It’s actually 24vac wired if you have a common wire.

I don’t think there is an easy way to tell apart from trial & error.