Zigbee Thermostat onto HomeKit

I am new to HA, but so far I plan on installing zigbee enabled thermostats (for Central AC) in my house. Right now this is what I have in mind:

Before I purchase it I want to know if I could probably make it visible and controllable on the Apple HomeKit App. Me personally I wouldnt mind keeping it on HA, but I think it would be easier for the rest of my family to do so and help with Siri automations.

I know there are HomeKit enabled thermostats that I can choose from, but this is honestly way cheaper and I dont need 10+ more devices sitting idle on my WiFi network.

If it is possible, what is best way about going about it, what integrations/addons to use, etc. I am a novice at HA but I can handle myself eith programming fairly well.

Thanks in advance!

Note: I am running HA on a RPi3 and have a Sonoff dongnle for zigbee