Zigbee tuya wall switches group


I had moved last year to home assistant yellow and I was using sonoff mini with esphome to control my lights. Now to use the powerful of yellow I moved my wall switches to a zigbee ones (BSEED Tuya switches) that are performing well and connected to yellow. Then starts my question:
I have as example three wall switches in one of the bedroom controling the same ceiling lamp, previously with other wallswitches it was a hardware combination of the three swirches to switch on/off the lamp (as every installation has…) now only one of the switches has the output to the lamp and the others are basically auxiliary ones. What I want to do is from any switch, switch on the lamp and other switches to indicate they are on, due to it has backlight to indicate on/off. I had tried to make a group and link this output to lamp, but only works for the switch where the lamp is connectedz as a work around what I did is to make an automation triggered if any switch changes to switch on/off all three, but should be something in an easy way to configure my desired setup.
Any clue is wellcome.