Zigbee update to Ikea Rodret not taking?

Been running Zigbee2MQTT, and it is great.

I have 3 Ikea Rodret remotes, and they are fantastic. However, an update to the firmware came out recently, and I was only able to update one of them. The other two, are stuck in a constant state of “needing to be updated to the latest version”.

Is there a way to force this? I have googled quite a bit, and not found anyone with a similar problem

Clicking on one of these to install it does not do anything - no matter how many times I tried. Ironically, it worked for one of the three of them, but the other two just… sit there with the old version.


not sure if this will work:
device is asleep by default and you need to wake it up before pushing the update?


Yes! That worked!