Zigbee via hub and Tuya integration?

Recent HA user - I’ve primarily come over to HA to allow automation of a few heating gremlins. My wider smart home environment was generally over Wifi and cloud and controlled by Alexa.

New door sensors / heating TRVs etc are Tuya / Zigbee and due to the house layout I need to spread a few zigbee devices out to expand the zigbee network to reach my terminal devices. I planned to do this by replacing wifi (Tapo) plugs with Tuya / Zigbee plugs.

At present my zigbee devices are connected by a Sonoff coordinator in HA and use ZHA. Am wary that if I connect the new smart plugs (replacing old wifi devices) then I lose my Alexa functionality, and voice control of lights etc is probably too big a functionality to lose (wife would kill me). I dont have nabu casa.

I’m assuming that the zigbee devices can only be connected to one hub (Sonoff coordinator or a tuya hub) at a time?

If I connect the devices to a tuya hub (which I can connect to Alexa), can I then access the devices via the tuya integration or will I lose entities when compared to ZHA?

I don’t really want to go through this multiple times (especially when having to reconfigure Alexa devices etc) and my missus won’t tolerate lights being offline too long! If using Zigbee devices via a local coordinator only, I assume the only means of integration with Alexa is by nubucasa?

You don’t have to use Nabu Casa for alexa.

For full functionality it is sort of involved getting setup.

Simpler functionality, probably more than enough for lights, was pretty easy (about 10 minute setup) using the emulated hue integration - at least I think it still works, but I don’t have alexa anymore to be sure.