Zigbee wall switches

I just got ConBee setup and I am starting to build out my Zigbee network of devices. I’m looking for some zigbee enabled wall switches. I have a need for some single and 3-ways switches. There seem to be a lot of wifi switches too. Any good recommendations?

What did you end up getting? I’m looking for some too, would be nice if they work with Ikea Trådfri as I’m in EU and would not like to get a Xiaomi hub.

Only ones I’ve been considering are xiaomi aqara wall switches. I find them elegant and have a nice touch.

They look nice indeed. I understood the new Xiaomi Hub is not straightforward to integrate with HA though, is that correct?

im not using the Xiaomi hub, i am using zigbee2mqtt. I do know a friend that has the hub, but not sure if it is the new one, but I didn’t hear too much complaint. The question however is if you want to share your information outside of your home (zigbee2mqtt keeps it local and xiaomi sends it to a cloud accessible by them)

Makes sense. Zigbee2mqtt looks very useful, I’m just not sure if I am skilled enough to put that together.

its easy… just follow the instructions and you might learn things on the way (i´m a rookie too :slight_smile: ). Happy to help, but you need to buy some cheap tools as per the instructions.