Zigbee / Yale / Hive

Hi, looking for some advice regarding Yale smart home alarm system and zigbee mesh systems.

I have a Yale alarm system and this works brilliantly in the house. I also have a summehouse. The garden is steep and the summerhouse is at the top of the garden, above the house roof height and not in direct line of sight.

I have a mesh wifi system in the house, I run a cat6 ethernet cable to the summerhouse with a mesh access point and this works well.

Could I change the access point to a zigbee device and then have yale PIR / door contacts connecting to this and then via the ethernet cable down to the house and the yale hub ?

Could an amazon eero mesh system do this and if so could I use simply replace my current tp link access point with an eero point ?? Or are there other / better options available ??

many thanks