ZIgbee, Z-Wave & MQTT config

I currently have a bunch of zigbee devices setup and working
HA → Mosquitto MQTT → Zigbee2MQTT

I am looking at adding some Z-Wave devices but I am not sure how I need to configure this.
I am particularly looking at (https://github.com/ImSorryButWho/HomeAssistantNotes/blob/6f05b3f90a979f7118e7c688ce2d01b878227328/RingKeypadV2.md) so I think I need to use zwavejs2mqtt.

Can I still use the same Mosquitto setup or do I need to setup another server or change the channel names or similar? I don’t want to buy the hardware to test it without knowing what I need to do first…

Pretty sure HA only supports a single MQTT server, and a single discovery root topic, so you don’t actually have a choice but to re-use the ones you already have.

You don’t need zwavejs2mqtt to use the Ring Keypad V2. HA now supports S2 inclusion with the official addon. You can use zwavejs2mqtt if you want, many people prefer it. In that case, you still don’t need to use MQTT, it is highly recommended to use the Z-Wave JS integration. The write-up you’re referring to is using the integration, not MQTT.

Not sure I follow :confused:

This suggests they are using ZWaveJS2MQTT and the inbuilt integration doesn’t (or didn’t but this write up seems very recent) pair correctly???

Also as ZWaveJS2MQTT is a ZWave to MQTT gateway I am not sure what you mean about not having to use MQTT?

HA Core 2021.10 supports S2 inclusion. The guide was written before it was released.

Also as ZWaveJS2MQTT is a ZWave to MQTT gateway I am not sure what you mean about not having to use MQTT?

zwavejs2mqtt provides the zwave-js websocket server, which the Z-Wave JS integration talks to. The guide you’re referring to uses the integration, not MQTT. Despite the name, there is no need to use the MQTT functionality with zwavejs2mqtt, and I’d say most HA users are not. The entry control events (zwave_js_notification) described in the guide are emitted by the Z-Wave JS integration. The docs also mention this (particularly this section).

The Z-Wave JS integration is the recommended solution, even the developer of zwavejs2mqtt suggests using it. MQTT is a good supplement when the integration doesn’t support something. You can of course use MQTT exclusively if you want, but the guide you’re referring to is not.

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OK the penny has dropped after reading through the links. Coming at this with a working Zigbee setup where Zigbee2MQTT needs MQTT I had kind of assumed they would work the same.

Also I am running HA as a docker container so it looks like the recommended way here is to run ZWaveJS2MQTT as a docker container but not actually use MQTT. I then need to use the ZWaveJS integration in HA and point it at the ZWave JS server running via the MQTT container.