(Zigbee / Z-Wave?) Thermostat for floor heating

Hey guys,

I tried the search in our Community, did some amazon and google search but did not really find something fitting.

I’m searching for a thermostat to manage my floor heating - preferable with z-wave or zigbee.
The only thing I really found was this one on Amazon:

But as far as I understand this only works with Tuya. What I understand from Tuya integration so far is, that it requires an online connection to the Tuya server & a Tuya hub.

One solution my neigbour bought is a bosch device:

But as far as I can see this requires another hub from bosch to work with HA.

I want an offline solution that works even if my Wi-Fi / Internet Provider is down. In addition it should not require to add another hub to my home automation environment.

Does anybody have sth. to recommend or working integration with a floor heating thermostat?

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Vesternet.com have a number of Zwave Underfloor thermostats

Thanks a lot - I did not know the shop. I will post what I will buy. Thanks a lot!

Did you ever make a decision? I’m looking for the same now so I’d appreciate any info on how you like your setup.

No not up to now.

Currently still busy with the Z-Wave to Z-Wave JS migration.
I pushed the topic a bit back - I want to wait if some new devices will follow.
Currently I would choose the Bosch solution as it looks most reliable.
Let me know if you take a decision and some feedback what you will install.

I will update this post as soon as I have sth. bought and setup in my HA instance!

Coming back a year later to say I chose a Zigbee device from Sinope that has been working flawlessly with HA! Smart floor heating thermostat 3600 W – Zigbee | Sinope Technologies US