Zigbee ZHA in-wall Switch for shutter/cover


So i had a question about a problem that i can’t figure out.
I wanted to connect my rolling shutter to home assistant.
So i bought this zigbee in-wall switch Amazon.fr
But i encountered this problem: the zigbee switch isn’t calibrated with my shutters.
When the shutter is closed in Hassio, it’s actually half closed…
So do you know if it’s possible to increase the timer of the zigbee switch ? plz
Because my shutter are 2 meter long and currently it’s closing approximatively 1 meter…

Best regards

What integration are you using ? ZHA, Zigbee2MQTT or Deconz ? How is your shutter identified ?
It is difficult to help with the little information you give.

I use ZHA and it is identified as a blind/cover

I’m going to buy some controllers as yours, to my still “dumb” electric stores.
Is there any recommendation from you ? I’m also thinking in buying some zigbee controllers .

thank you

I was more thinking technical, something like


because you can’t find an actual device type on that amazon page.