Zigbee2mqqt bulb not reporting off state


Just made the switch to a new Zigbee dongle (Sonoff dongle plus) and Zigbee2mqqt.

I want to get rid of my Hue hub, so i’m bringing my hue lights and dimmer switches to Zigbe2mqqt.

I managed to add the hue bulb (works fine), add the dimmer switch v1 (works fine), bound the dimmer switch to the bulb (works fine, on/off, brightness).

Now i run in to the following problem when I switch off the bulb with remote: the bulb switches off, but does not seem to report back the state to zigbee2mqqt and HA, they still show the bulb as on.
When I refresh the state manually in the Z2M Webgui, it turns to off in Z2M and in HA as well.

Everything else seems to work:
Switch on bulb with remote - switches on and shows in Z2M and HA
Changing the brightness with remote - brightness changes and shows in Z2M and HA
Controlling the bulb from HA or Zigbee2mqqt - works perfectly fine.

There are no error messages in the Z2M logs.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.