Zigbee2MQTT addon

I want to use the Zigbee2MQTT addon. This addon is not visible in the Add-on store, neither in the Official add-ons nor in the Home Assistant Community Add-ons. I can add it by coupling a repository in Github, but why is it not available in the Add-on Store? Is it in beta, or not yet certified or is there a different reason why it is not in the Add-on Store? A comparable add-on for Z-Wave is available in the Add-on store, so why not for Zigbee?

ZHA ( Zigbee Home Automation) is the official integration. I believe no addon is needed.

If you want to use Zigbee2MQTT you must add this repo to the Add-on store repositories (three dots in the upper right corner):

After that it will be on the list.

True. It is a community addon ( third party) not official Home Assistant like ZHA. I personally do not use Zigbee though.

Ok thanks for the answer. I wondered if there is a difference between community addons which are immediately visible in the Addon Store and addons for which one has to add the repository first. Maybe a difference in matureness, quality?

I could be wrong but I think at least some of those immediately available are community addons from developers who also work on HA but they are not officially supported by Nabu Casa. i think that is the case for zwavejs2mqtt for instance. I suspect, in that case, Nabu Casa wants to get most of that control panel functionality into the zwavejs addon.

I am using the plugin in my HA for quit some time.
Now I have moved my HA on a Proxmox VM and I would like to run zigbee2MQTT separately in a Linux Container in Proxmox.
Is it possible to move the configuration and most of all the paired device to the new running container?

I have used from
this script to create the container

Thank you!

I don’t use either the add-on, nor the container, but normally you should just move the data-directory to the new location. (The folder containing configuration.yaml, database.db, coordinator_backup.json, state.json etc…)

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will try that…