Zigbee2mqtt and HomeKit states not in sync

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Hi there. Totally new in this hassio domain.

I have paired some IKEA GU10 bulbs using zigbee2mqtt.
Added this to hassio cfg

  auto_start: false
      - light

But there seems to be some problems with the states. States are good 100% of the time from hassio side when i look in lovelace, but HomeKit seems to fuck up. I did not have these issues when using IKEA gateway and HomeKit.

Am I missing something?

Youtube video of the issue:

Don’t use HomeKit?

Since i don’t have any swithplates on the walls yet, we only use Siri for now. Actually done that for 1,5 year now. Still looking for the perfect switch. That’s why i need HomeKit, for the Siri integration.

Getting the same here you are not alone, although if I give home kit 10 seconds it catches up with correct state. Sometimes 1/10 I get physical light off but HomeKit as switched on at 0%

there must be other people getting this issue? Where do I log this for someone to pick up? Should I log it under the HA HomeKit git hub page? Anyone know where that might be?