Zigbee2mqtt and IKEA Remote control N2

I’ve been struggling with this today, having tried some of the “solutions” in this thread, they did not work.
My solution was to uninstall Zigbee2mqtt and install Zigbee2mqtt Edge. All 4 buttons work on my white E2002 now.


Do you know if i will lose my config/parried zigbee devices in HA when shifting to Zigbee2mgtt Edge.

Not if you come from Zigbee2mqtt

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Styrbar remote works out of box on 1st pairing attempt with a zzh (CC2652R Stick) and firmware from around early December 2021 when i installed it. Z2M briefly says unsupported during pairing, a few secs later it is fully identified and added.

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Styrbar buttons are unrecognized in version 1.18 of Zigbee2mqtt, but recognized in the current edge version 1.23. In version 1.23, I’m receiving the action twice, one with the correct payload, and the second with an empty action payload.

that’s solve my problem! thank you!

funciona, pero tienes que poner el repositorio nuevo de zigbee2mqtt y reinstalar el addon.

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