Zigbee2mqtt and IKEA zigbee gataway together

Hi, all.

I have IKEA Tradfri ecosystem set up, many bulbs and switches that work good via Tradfri gateway. Now I want to add some other zigbee devices, for that I plan using zigbee2mqtt. ( I dont want to scrap IKEA gateway(

The question is - will IKEA tradfri gatawey and zigbee2mqtt usb stick work together, wont they interfere with each other, if they will be located few cm with each other. Or these two GW will work in one zigbee mesh?

The two GW can not work in the same mesh. Each device can only be assigned to one GW. Two GW in general is no problem (I had the Philips Hue hub and Deconz at the same time with no issues) but they will have each have a separate mesh.

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