Zigbee2MQTT and ioBroker developers are working on an adapter interface for Silicon Labs EmberZNet based Zigbee Coordinators

FYI, kirovilya started developing zigbee-herdsman adapter interface compatible with Silicon Labs EZSP:

Initial pull requests = https://github.com/Koenkk/zigbee-herdsman/pull/317 and https://github.com/Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt/pull/6532

Continued developers discussion = https://github.com/Koenkk/zigbee-herdsman/issues/319

zigbee-herdsman is the open source Zigbee interface library used by both Zigbee2MQTT and ioBroker.

This would make Zigbee2MQTT (and ioBroker) compatible with most Silicon Labs EFR32 based Zigbee sticks/dongles, including the new Zigbee 3.0 dongle coming soon from Itead, Elelabs Zigbee adapters, Nortek GoControl QuickStick Combo Model HUSBZB-1, as well as the Sonoff Zigbee Bridge by Itead re-flashed with Zigbee2Tasmota and ESP8266/ESP32 based DIY Zigbee gateways running ESPHome with serial-bridge configuration, plus hacked Tuya TYGWZ01 Smart Gateway being worked on.

PS: kirovilya is requesting assistance from additional developers to help with TypeScript or the protocol.


Interest in the Sonoff Zigbee Bridge or Tubes EFR32 Pro Ethernet/Serial Coordinator will go through the roof if this happens.

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Although interest in them may increase, itโ€™s unlikely any ZigBee coordinator that depends on a serial to Ethernet connection will be officially supported for ZHA.

At least one Home Assistant developer has explained that supporting them is complicated by their susceptibility to Wi-Fi latency. They rely on a serial to Ethernet connection (ser2net) and may be affected by communication delays thereby causing problems for ZHAโ€™s operation (his comment was based on recent experiences supporting the Sonoff ZigBee Bridge).

Iโ€™ll post a link to his statement if I can find it.


Naturally when I need to find the comment I canโ€™t so all I can offer for now is the Warning in the ZHA documentation:

The EZSP protocol requires a stable connection to the serial port. With ITEAD Sonoff ZBBridge connecting over the WiFi network it is expected to see NCP entered failed state. Requesting APP controller restart in the logs. This is a normal part of the operation and indicates there was a drop in communication between ZHA and SonOff bridge.

The background for the Warning message is the issue I had mentioned: serial to Ethernet connections are susceptible to Wi-Fi latency and may cause stability issues.

Zigbee2MQTT dev branch is now available for Sonoff Zigbee Bridge testing. :tada:

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Should again take note that the Sonoff ZBbridge is not recommended for production with external โ€œclientโ€ implementations using the EZSP serial protocol such as Zigbee2MQTT, ioBroker, or ZHA in HA.

The reason Ember remote bridges over serial-to-IP proxy server is not recommended is that clients using the EZSP serial protocol requires a robust connection between the EmberZNet Zigbee stack running on EFR32 MCU and the serial port of the Zigbee radio. With solutions such as ITEAD Sonoff ZBBridge or a Ser2Net serial proxy connection over a WiFi network it is expected to see NCP entered failed state. Requesting APP controller restart in the logs. This is a normal part of the operation and indicates there was a drop in communication which caused packet loss to occurred between the zigpy radio library and the Zigbee radio. The use of serial network proxies/bridges/servers over WiFi is therefore not recommended when wanting a stable Zigbee environment with Silicon Labs Ember based Zigbee radios. The developers of the bellows radio library for the zigpy project has more information about this if needed.

No such WiFi bridge is recommended when Silicon Labs EZSP. Compromise if really need a network bridge could to switch to an wired Ethernet bridge instead of WiFi but it is still not an optimal solution

Zigbee2MQTT website has now been updated as well making this news official and a little more public:


Picture Name Description Firmware Guides Buy
Silicon Labs EZSP v8 (experimental) Initial development started on experimental (pre-alpha stage) support for various adapters based on Silicon Labs EFR32 SoC families with EmberZNet NCP 6.7.8 firmware or later via EZSP version 8 (EmberZNet Serial Protocol) interface. This include all hardware based on SoCs/Modules from Silabs EFR32MG21/MGM210 and EFR32MG12/MGM12 series. Coordinator


  • Support for the Conbee II (discussion), ZiGate USB-TTL (discussion), and Silicon Labs EZSP (discussion) is experimental, meaning not feature complete nor recommended for a stable enviroment.

FYI, EZSP adapter should work with all of these once have updated to Silicon Labs EmberZNet 6.7.x coordinator firmware or later:

Note! It should work with any Silicon Labs EFR32 Zigbee NCP SoC from EFR32MG21/MGM210 and EFR32MG12/MGM12 series:

USB-stick firmware can be updated with Elelabs EZSP Firmware Update Utility or the Zigbee firmware updater image by walthowd:





Direct link to zigpy wiki page where MattWestb documented recommended application firmware version for EZSP Coordinators: