Zigbee2mqtt and sonoff dongle

I, i’ve installed a SonOff Dongle, Mosquitto Broquer and Zigbee2mqtt.
I think all went wright and i’ve added (with success) my first device to test. It’s an Xiaomi WXKG01LM.

The problem is that i can’t obtain any status of it and also tested a simple automation (turn on light) to check if it is opperting despite it’s not showing the enteties status, but with no reaction.


Any ideas?

I’ve already overcome the issue and i’ve installed 3 switches.
1 is a doble switch from xiaomi that works 90% of the time (sometimes it doesn’t trigger the automation).
But, i have another 2 simple buttons from Xiaomi also and after i join them to zigbee2mqtt they work, but after 1-2 hours they no longer work.

Any ideas?

If you only have a coordinator and 3 switches, it can be because you have a poor mesh. Adding something mains powered (mains powered zigbee devices act as routers) can help to improve the mesh.

Can you specify what is a “coordinator”?
I suposed that the dongle would communicate with every devices because they are very near (testing purposes).


In your case, the coordinator is your USB stick.

Did you check the usual culprits:

  • don’t put your dongle in your computer, but use a USB extension cable
  • don’t use a USB 3 port, but a USB 2 port

Yes. I use a RPi and an extension cable usb 2 connected to usb port from the Rpi