ZigBee2mqtt and the TUYA gateway

I have the TUYA Gateway from Lidl. It’s working with ZHA.
My HA Server is running as VM on a professional HP Prolient in the cellar, so no USB device is possible.

Searching now for over a month to get it running with ZigBee2 MQTT, No Google search gave me a solution. I want to have ZigBee2MQTT as there shoud be more posibilitys as with ZHA.

Does anybody have this running or know how to make it running.

need really help




I don’t know if you can use that gateway for certain. This might help: Hacking the Silvercrest (Lidl/Tuya) Smart Home Gateway

However, I would go with one of Tubez coordinators or a Zigstar. They are both much more robust, faster, and more powerful than anything else.

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I’am gone through all the hack, to get running with ZHA. I found some hints in the linked article for Z2H, I will try.

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