Zigbee2MQTT appears to keep stopping

I’m running the following:

HASSIO: home assistant core 2023.12.1 on Ubuntu
Zigbee2MQTT 1.34.0-1 is installed as an add-on
Sonoff Zigbee Bridge running Tasmota (zbbridge)

I believe it’s configured correctly, because most of the time my Zigbee sensors publish correctly to various topics and I can see the MQTT messages coming into Node-RED.

However sometimes I notice the sensors are not publishing to MQTT so I visit the web interface in HA and see the following:

Sometimes I click “retry” and get the error a couple of times, but then come back in a few seconds and it has started working again, publishing MQTT messages, and showing the web interface.

The logs viewable in HA only seem to show about a page of info, with no errors but I notice this:

Zigbee2MQTT:info  2023-12-25 22:33:43: Zigbee2MQTT started!

indicating it started when I attempted to restart.

Previously I didn’t have the watchdog switch turned on, but now I have turned it on and will see if that resolves it, but naturally I’d like to determine the cause of it stopping working.

Can someone help me with where to find additional logs that might shed some more light on the problem?

:x: HASSIO (has not been a thing for many years).

:white_check_mark: HAOS

For more info in the logs change the logging level.