Zigbee2mqtt- Aqara S2 Doorlock

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after some time trying to find a workaround enabling me to interface HA and Aqara S2 door lock, I have stumbled this Github, using zigbee2mqtt, has anyone tried it? how complicated is it to set up compering to Xiaomi hub? I have around 7-8 sensor, not including the door lock…

What not ask the zigbee2mqtt to add support for your device? seems easier i think than another component

I do not currently use Zigbee2mqtt at all, and considering to migrate only because of the door lock…

I would use the official one rather than one last was last updated 7 months ago

I tried that for several months, it is stable , but recently I have changed to HassOS, so it is not available/possible for the hassio addon version .

The good news, Aqara Lock S2 is supported officially,
Check this page for more details:

Great news! I only wish that the functionality of who exactly opened the door will be included… World have been great for automations.

only states))

Can HA determine the who’s fingerprint ? and does it also recognize who’s password unlock the door.

yes, in mqtt topics

Thanks your sharing, I will change S2 from gateway to zigbee2mqtt tonight