Zigbee2MQTT Area Assignment

Sorry, I’ve googled and search and I am probably staring right at it. How do I assign a device to an area in Zigbee2MQTT. Some guides say “hit the pencil” but that just brings up a box to rename the device or add a description — not area assignment.

Are you clicking on the pencil in the very top right of the device page ? When I click on it there is an place to edit area

EDIT: Ah, you’re in Z2M

You do not set the area in Zigbee2mqtt GUI. You set the device area in HA, using the pensil

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I always set them in MQTT integration page. It’s easy to scan down and spot any that are missing.


That was it. I can’t set it from teh Zigbee2MQTT page but have to go to Integrations, MQTT