Zigbee2mqtt Availability

Hi Team.

I am testing Zigbee2mqtt and at the moment i have a single device registered.

Manufacturer: eWeLink
Model: SA-003-Zigbee

I am noticing the availability flapping between Offline and Online. Even when Offline its still working. Whats the issue here?

I have added three items in to test and they are all doing it.

I do not have availiability in my View. I have “last seen”.

Availibality is just a indicator, set for some time. As devices have different reporting-periods, then this is not really usable.

I have devices which reports every hour, even when not used. I have a LEDVance bulb which only report every 24 hours, if not used. However it works every time, I send a command.

So just something to ignore then?

Look for “last seen” and, unfortnutatly, you have to learn when different devices have a problem. I actually do not ever look at it.

I have 2 automations looking for last seen on 2 specific devices, as my kids have a tendency of switching the power of for them.

Thanks mate. It don’t seem to be causing me any issues with the test device I have in there. Just hate seeing offline flashing at me and then it showing online. Etc.

I am experiencing the same issue. Device marked offline but responds just fine. Best to just ignore?