Zigbee2mqtt - Binding Hue Dimmer to Hue Bulb

I have a problem with pairing Hue Dimmer with Hue Bulb.
Both devices are factory reset and already joined to my network (Conbee2 + Zigbee2Mqtt).

At this point I would expect possibility to bind them together directly, to make Dimmer control the bulb even without HA.
Unfortunatelly normal pairing procedure doesn’t work. Binding in z2m makes no difference either.

Also it’s strange that the dimmer is linked to distant hue led strip instead of this (hue_livingroom1)

Any cues about what to do?

BTW I found that all my hue devices are bound to coordinator. All but HueGo. Is it expected?

The diagram only show how the devices routes the traffic to the coordinator, which can either be directly or throug an other router (mains powered device), it doesn’t tell anything about devices linked to each other. So in your example the Hue Dimmer is connected to the coordinator through the Hue strip. This routes also change from time to time, so it may be that in a few days the Hue Dimmer is routing traffic through the Hue Go or to the coordinator directly.

Unfortunately I can’t help with binding in ZigBee2MQTT as I use DeCONZ, where you can easily bind a Dimmer to a bulb.

I understand. The point is that AC powered bulbs should behave as routers too, don’t they?
So I would expect the dimmer to be connected to hue_livingroom bulb which is this one: https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/devices/9290022169.html#philips-9290022169 because both are very close to each other.

Yes, they act as routers, but it doesn’t mean that battery powered devices connevt to the closest router. Especially Xiaomi devices are extremly picky. I have a Hue Dimmer Switch about 1m away from a Hue bulb, however sometimes it routes through another bulb that is 6m away, sometimes it routes through the coordinator directly. The routes are dynamic and you can’t force a device to use a specific route.

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