Zigbee2MQTT can't send a state to any device after restart

Hi There,

been using Zigbee2mqtt over 2 years now but last week i m getting weird errors.

After a clean install everything was working again… finally…
Setup everything and paired most of the devices again with Zigbee2MQTT. after that i moved my rpi4 to my basement where al always used it. Then restarted the rpi, all devices get neat information(temperature etc) but using a lamp or button(State command) does not work anymore, below the error message and hopefully someone can help me with this because I do not feel like starting from scratch again(30+ devices)

Publish ‘set’ ‘state’ to ‘Bank Lamp’ failed: 'Error: Command 0x000d6ffffe9c0735/1 genOnOff.off({},strong text