Zigbee2MQTT & Conbee II Stick - does it do its Job reliable (with older Firmware)?

Who uses a Conbee II with Zigbee2MQTT?

I am using two Conbee II Sticks (Live System + Fallback) with Deconz.
It works rock stable, but because of faster Support for newer Devices, i would love to switch to Zigbee2MQTT.
However, the Net is full of Reports that it becomes unresponsive, laggy, gets dropouts. It seems from a certain Firmware on, a never fixed Bug it the Cause.

On the official Zigbee2MQTT Page it says:

Warning: Conbee 2 firmware versions newer than 0x26580700 will result in an unstable network with devices dropping randomly, see Issue 9554

I would be happy to downgrade to that older Firmware, if that will work stable.

I was wondering if there are Users, using that Combination (Conbee II older Firmware + Zigbee2MQTT + HomeAssistant) and are happy with that Setup so far?

As long as you’ve used a USB extension cable that should be fine, lots of people who run into problems don’t. The ConBee is known to be particularly sensitive to RF interference, and the use of the USB cable solves some of those.

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Yes, i use them with an Extension Cable, and it is running rock stable with Deconz.

Are you using the Conbee II with older Firmware + Zigbee2MQTT + HomeAssistant on your own?
I would be a great reassurance if i knew someone is happy with that Combination :slight_smile: