Zigbee2mqtt: control RGB bulb with 3-channel remote

Hello everyone.
I have a question about zigbee2mqtt. Here is the scenario:

  • Zigbee2MQTT is set-up and running;
  • A Zigbee remote and Zigbee bulb is paired with Zigbee2MQTT;
  • Both devices are discovered via MQTT autodiscovery in HA:
  • I can see actions from the remote in HA, and am able to control the bulb trough the interface of HA.

Now the question: how to I link the remote (which as the ability to control 3 devices/groups) with the bulb? This so I’m able to control the RGB Bulb with the remote.
I tried binding in the Zigbee2MQTT interface, but that doesn’t seem to work. Probably the device/remote doesn’t support binding?

Use the actions as triggers in automations to turn the bulbs on and off? Or is the problem actually something else?

You tried something like this: ?

@stiltjack: I was hoping that there was a more efficient way. It’s not just the bulb on/off but also RGBW values and brightness.
@francisp: Yes, tried this. The popup states ‘successful’ but when I send some commands via the remote, the bulb doesn’t respond.

A little update:
I was able to co-pair the remote with the bulb. And I’m able to control the bulb via the remote & HA over Zigbee2MQTT.

Only thing now is that HA doesn’t receive status-updates from the bulb when it’s controlled via the remote.
This I need to figure out.

I was able to report back the status of the zigbee bulb to HA, via Zigbee2MQTT Reporting.
Found under the settings of the device in the frontend of Zigbee2MQTT.

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