Zigbee2mqtt correct?

Hey community!

So I am embarking down the path to move away from HA ZHA over to a remote RPi running Zigbee2mqtt. This is only due to some Xiaomi and iKea bulbs. I followed the instructions for installation but just wanting to confirm everything looks correct with the HA Z2mqtt add-on. I am running another MQTT broker on the RPi per the instructions and understand I could have used my HA MQTT broker but as of now I am trying to keep the two separated for stability purposes.

This is what I see on both the RPi and within HA:

Does everything look correct?

What integration are you using for this? I just use the vanilla MQTT integration and set Zigbee2MQTT to use Home Assistant auto-discovery (as here)

Also, looks like you’re trying to use Zigbee2MQTTAssistant - you don’t need to use that anymore. Z2M has it’s own built-in GUI now, which is much better and kept up to date (see here)

It is completely vanilla install. Should I set the MQTT server that Zigbee2mqtt uses to the HA MQTT? And I am assuming not to use the HA add-on then correct?Preformatted text

Yes you do.

Look normal

if it is on another computer obviously not.

My setup sounds similar to yours.
I have an MQTT broker running separately outside of HA.
I’ve configured Z2M to point to this MQTT broker, and configured it to use HA autodiscovery.
Then, I’ve added the MQTT integration in HA and pointed this at my external MQTT broker.
That’s about it - all being well, HA should start to auto-discover the Zigbee devices that Z2M is presenting.

That is how I run my setup too. Both work, separate mqtt broker or HA add-on mqtt broker, as long as everything knows how to find each other.

Thanks everyone! Got it working.