Zigbee2mqtt devices alternating between unavailable and correct state

OMG, I think I’m starting to get paranoid :smiley:

This time the problem was me.
After I had integrated the Ikea lamps, I had reactivated a Z2M device and Z2M then wanted to reboot.
This caused the message, which is completely logical because Z2M was really not there for a short time due to the reboot.
When I checked the status history of the Z2M devices again, no new “not available” entries were found.

So it seems that everything is working as it should and I have only tripped myself up.

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Hi @blade-of-fire , I had the same problem as yours. So whats the really root caused for this issue? and which LAN coordinator did you used before?

the solving is we need to delete all device and rejoined/repairing all of them again? :frowning:

Thanks for the reply