Zigbee2mqtt: Difference between Ziggbee2mqtt Power-on behavior and the hue_power_on_behavior?

I asked it directly at the Github repository a few days ago, but unfortunately never got an answer. Maybe there is an expert here who can explain it to me:

Since I have a few problems with a Hue bulb, sometimes only turns on with 1% brightness, I read up on various forum posts. One thing I don’t understand and hope someone can help me.

What is the difference between the Ziggbee2mqtt device setting Power-on behavior and the setting via mqtt hue_power_on_behavior? Is the first one just for the case after a power failure and the second for normal switch-on behavior?

I’m confused.

Both are for the case after a power failure. They both send a command to the bulb, configuring what it should do when power is applied.

Okay I understand. Thanks for the clarification. But is it enough if I have configured the zigbee2mqtt settings, or do I also have to configure the Hue settings via MQTT?