Zigbee2mqtt doorbell setup

Hi all,

I have an Xiaomi Aqara button mounted on my front door which, when pushed, triggers my Amazon Echo Dot to play a doorbell sound, plus sends a push notification to my iPhone, with feed from nearby IP camera.

The trouble is, there is often a 3-5sec delay between the doorbell being pushed and the Echo Dot playing the sound. I assume most of this delay is in the message being sent to the Amazon api.

I’m therefore looking for some way to play a doorbell sound with less delay. I’ve searched for Zigbee chimes, or Zigbee sounders, and they seem not to exist. I can find a Z-Wave option, but would rather not have to add another stick/controller to my HASS if possible. WiFi would be another option I suppose.

Any thoughts appreciated.



Or are there other ways of having a doorbell chime play with little delay? I’ve read about using the xaiomi gateway as a chime. But which one do I need to buy?


There are Zigbee sirens.

if you bind your button to the siren, there will be no delay.

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Thanks. I did see this one, but worried it won’t sound very doorbell-like? Might be too loud and intrusive for a doorbell?

Ok, have ordered a Xaiomi gateway/hub. Hoping I can pair the Aqara switch to that and have it act as a doorbell chime.

Can the switch be paired with it as well as zigbee2mqtt?