Zigbee2MQTT (Edge) using groups

Hope somebody can help me wth this maybe stupid question :slight_smile: I finally integrated the Z2MQTT addon running a CC2652 USB stick.
I configured all the Ikea tradfri and Hue lights and switches, and made some groups like

But is there a misunderstanding my side when i think this groups should make a new group entity within HAS ?
Or is this just a group i cant “talk to” using a configured switch within the config.yaml ?
The other items just came up within the MQTT integration, and i was hoping this will happen for groups also. But as far i can figure out, i can’t find them

The group should just appear as another light not a group entity.

If you haven’t already you might need to delete the group and recreate it and see if it appears.

Thnx for you’re reply, but should this light entity be availible within the Zigbee2MQTT integration, or just as a entity not shown within this MQTT integration ?

I already treid removing a group and started over and over again, but nothing happens. Also when a tried different names etc.

You should see it :