Zigbee2mqtt error in log

After update to HA Core 2021.12.0 started to see lot of such messages in log file:

2021-12-12 09:24:05 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.helpers.template] Error parsing value: access to attribute 'update' of 'dict' object is unsafe. (value: {"auto_off":null,"consumer_connected":true,"consumption":17.02,"current":0,"energy":17.02,"last_seen":"2021-12-12T09:20:06+01:00","led_disabled_night":null,"linkquality":54,"overload_protection":null,"power":0,"power_outage_memory":null,"state":"ON","temperature":26,"update_available":null,"voltage":214}, template: {{ value_json['update']['state'] == "available" }})

originated from zigbee2mqtt integration, specifically from Mi power plug ZigBee EU (ZNCZ04LM) devices.

I found this thread MQTT template error in HA for Xiaomi ZNCLDJ11LM when homeassistant_legacy_entity_attributes is disabled · Issue #9939 · Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt · GitHub, but dev branch don’t works.
Strange is that with previous version of HA core everything was just fine.

My HA installation:

|Installation Type|Home Assistant Core|
|Virtual Environment|true|
|Python Version|3.9.9|
|Operating System Family|Linux|
|Operating System Version|5.10.63-v7+|
|CPU Architecture|armv7l|

My zigbee2mqtt is latest, 1.22.1.

This one ?

I don’t have the error message, but I seem to get a mqtt message where ‘update’ is included


‘update’ seems lacking in yours.

Exactly. But, what to do about it? I have no idea

The problem is apparently in zigbee2mqtt.
I found kind of solution: