Hi I had a very stable zigbee settings for months, even after the occasional black out.

Today I had to turn off electricity for few minutes, when I turn back on, none of my Zigbee devices are working.

Clicking on create MAP in zigbee2mqtt i receive many messages of FAILED TO EXECUTE LQI… for various zigbee devices. Many devices are connected to the Coordinator, but some are not.
But also those devices that are connected to the Coordinator when I turn on/off I get the error FAILED…

What shall I do now? RePAIR all its very complicated for me, or just wait?

I also got the same issue for the last 3 days. i have tried frequent reboots, but no success so far :frowning:

Is there any fix for it ? I tried a lot of things to fix today, uninstalled z2m, went to edge version, changed position of coordinator, changed the whole coordinator and went to a LAN one, unplugged a thousand time, rebooted a thousand times,… all with no results.