Zigbee2MQTT + hass.io: not able to delete deleted devices in hass.io

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I deleted some devices in the zigbee2mqtt config and they are still apearing on hass.io.
How can I delete them?

The devices are not active anymore.

I believe you need to remove the entries from the z2m database file (share\zigbee2mqtt\database.db) first, then from the frontend.

Hope it helps.

Zigbee2mqtt is running on a different pi and share ist empty on the HA pi.
I deleted the device already from /opt/zigbee2mqtt/data/configuration.yaml

what do you mean by delete it from the frontend?

You have a Z2M database file some where. I’m not sure where on a standalone Z2M.
Try this to find it.
Log on to the Z2M system via ssh and use this command to find the Z2M DB file:

 sudo find / -name database.db

If you happen to find multiple “database.db” the correct one would have “zigbee2mqtt” in its path.

Frontend = the Hass interface web page for your system.

Hope its of help.

The retained mqtt messages were the problem.
When you update /opt/zigbee2mqtt/data/configuration.yaml you need to reboot the server to update the retained mqtt messages where the old data is.