Zigbee2mqtt+ Home Depot Ecosmart/Leedarson 6ARCZABZH remote

Hello everyone!

running zigbee2mqtt addon, many zigbee devices (locks, bulbs, cc2531 sniffer etc) all working fine.
Added a couple of the cheapo Home Depot ecosmart zigbee bulbs from the bulb/remote kit that was on clearance a few months ago and the bulbs work great.

I have the included zigbee remotes discovered in zigbee2mqtt and the battery level/link quality shows in home assistant, but there are no clicks or events showing no matter what buttons i press or how many times i unpair/repair.

does anyone have this working or have any suggestions?

I have other zigbee buttons that properly show click/doubleclick events, and i’ve built automations from those events. Would like to be able to use these remotes to do same type of actions.

Do you see anything in MQTT?

Not a peep.

For anyone finding this later… The issue was that the firmware on my cc2531 stick was too old. After updating it, everything paired and worked properly with actions for every button

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