Zigbee2mqtt: how many devices have you paired (or: massive problems pairing new devices here)

Hi everybody,

How many devices have you paired with zigbee2mqtt, and how is pairing additional devices working out for you?

I am using zigbee2mqtt version 1.5.1 coordinator 20190608. There is one CC2531 coordinator in my office and then there are three CC2530 routers around the house and garage.

This morning I received a bunch of Xiaomi Aqara Vibration Sensors and Xiaomi Aqare Motion and Light Sensors.

I paired on of those new devices each just fine, which ended in a total of 53 paired devices. Most devices are Xiaomi sensors, but I have a few Philips Hue (compatible!) lights, which to my understanding act like routers as well. So the amount of devices compared to coordinator and routers should be fine.

Plus, I usually always have trouble pairing new devices. My usual routine is stopping the zigbee2mqtt docker container, unplugging the coordinator, waiting half a minute, plugging it back in, then starting the docker container again. Often, but by all means not always this works. I am then able to pair a new device, sometimes two, but then this problem occurs again.

As for now, pairing won’t work at all. I subscribed to zigbee2mqtt/bridge/# so that I’d get all relevant updates. “join” is permitted, but new devices will not pair. They will not even appear there (or in the latest log file) at all! This really sucks because if I cannot pair those new sensors, they are worthless.

While I have considered adding a second instance of zigbee2mqtt (flashing another CC2531 stick, creating a separate docker container using that stick, trying to pair devices with the new coordinator from now on), I would prefer a more sensible solution. I have a bunch of CC2531 laying around because I was going to use them as additional routers (CC2530 has better network reception, but CC2531 can just be plugged in anywhere as it is a USB stick already - the CC2530 on the other hand requires me to manually solder a power source to it).

I have now restarted my home server (that is running the z2m docker container) multiple times, done the unplug - restart - plug back in routine multiple times, and tried to pair the new sensors with routers rather than the coordinator as well; afaik the devices chose randomly which router (or coordinator) they connect to, so I tried standing in front of a router instead of doing the pairing in my office to assure that that router would be used. No success there, either.

Thank you for any help with this. I was hoping to add those vibration sensors to each downstairs window this weekend and spread out those motion sensors around the yard.