Zigbee2mqtt-ikea-styrbar-4-button-remote-e2001-e2002/ stuck after pairing

Hello everyone,

i managed to pair my ikea switch in zigbee2mqtt :slight_smile:
since in ZHA they did not pair correctly… (at least didnt show any buttons).

In zigbee2mqtt it shows up in the log if i click:


info `MQTT publish: topic 'zigbee2mqtt/switch_white', payload 

info `MQTT
 publish: topic 'zigbee2mqtt/switch_white', payload 

info `MQTT publish: topic 'zigbee2mqtt/switch_white/action', payload 'arrow_left_click'`

BUT: i dont know how to continue from here on?!
tried for some time now. Could please someone explain the next steps?

I was hoping to use the blueprint (Zigbee2MQTT - Ikea STYRBAR 4-button remote (E2001/E2002))

-here i set “Integration” as zigbee2mqtt.
-is there something to be done with “Controller Entity”?
What does mean: The action sensor of the controller to use for the automation"?
Since i can see nothing in the dropdown list, which makes any sense/nothing from the ikea switch.

What i would have expected is, that just have to set entity_id / friendly_name of my switch (btw. whats the difference in these two) and the actions i want to see, when pressing the button(s).

Everything else should be done by the blueprint ?


Thanks a lot in advance

I think the Controller Entity requires the IP address of your MQTT broker.