ZIGBEE2MQTT - Illuminance lux calibration

Hi guys,

I have a few different motion and presence sensors that are not correctly reporting the light levels, or not as I’d like them to anyway.

I have two different models for the Aqara motion sensor, a few Philips Hue motion sensors and a Tuya presence sensor.

In the device list in Z2M, I am going into the Settings (specific) tab, and then either increasing or decreasing the lux calibration values.

However, it doesn’t seem to matter what I put into this column, the reported lux level on the sensor never changes…

What I would expect is that if the lux level on the sensor reads 0 and I then set the Illuminance lux calibration to say 15, that the sensor would then read 15. Is this not how this works?

Thanks again,

I’m trying to adjust the Aqara GZCGQ11LM with this setting. There’s some dim light around but it reports 0 lux, which is wrong because 0 would be pitch black.

Since the setting is a percentual offset I interpret it as yielding
(1 + offset / 100) × sensor value. Ie, if you calibrate with 50 and the sensor is detecting 100 lux, it’ll end up giving 150 lux; or if the calibration is -50 it’ll result in 50.

Today I tested with calibration 10 and it didn’t seem to have any noticeable effect. Will see tomorrow with 50. Have to wait until the morning when the light changes fast because the sensor is outside.

The Illuminance lux calibration setting does work. Contrary to what I thought, the correct calculation is offset / 100 × sensor value.