Zigbee2Mqtt Issue - Hue bulbs stop working

Goodmorning, I have a problem with zigbee device that suddenly stop working.
I have different bulbs and three of them, in different rooms, stopped working. On Z2M i can see a “loading gif” on these 3 devises.
Schermata 2023-05-12 alle 13.04.09
What does it mean and how can I solve this?

I’ve noticed that the bulbs not working are the same i’ve tried to update OTA with zigbee2mqtt and the spinning logo (inspection with google chrome) is called firmware update. The problem is that is stuck in this state for half an hour and is turned on. I do not know if is it a glitch or what else, I can not control them or turn them off if is a real update.

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I’ve found confirmation it is an OTA update but is stuck at 19% and do not progress.

Go to the state.json file and change the state from updating to idle and then run a scan for updates of all devices.

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This worked for me! Thanks!